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This page is for Pennsylvania Trolley Museum Volunteers:

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Volunteer Welcome Packet: Get to know our volunteer program!

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Sign-Up Sheet: Help with events and service projects

Volunteer Training Resources

Clearance instructions for all volunteers:

Volunteers in Pennsylvania and at PTM are required to have up-to-date clearances. For PA residents, that’s the Act 33 Child Abuse History and Act 34 PA State Police Criminal Record Check. If you’ve lived out of state within the past 10 years, you’ll also need the FBI fingerprint-based background check. The two PA clearances are free for volunteers! The FBI check is approximately $23, but the Museum has a limited budget to reimburse volunteers who provide a receipt.

Minors should complete the Parent/Guardian Consent Form and Act 34 record check. Please email completed clearances to mmeer@patrolley.org.

  • Child Abuse History- Act 33 (free) Please note that the following link seems to be not working in Google web browsers. If you are viewing this page with Google, copy this link and past it in another type of browser (Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc.).
    • Go to https://www.compass.state.pa.us/CWIS
    • Select “Create Individual Account.” When asked for a Keystone ID, you need to create your own user name. If you already have one, select "Individual Login" on the first screen.
    • Complete all of the appropriate boxes and a temporary password will be sent to the email address that you have provided. Once you have the password, you re-enter the website and complete the request for the clearance.
    • If a clearance is not issued immediately, you can log into your account at a later time to see the status of the request.
    • To be safe, check the box requesting a written copy of your clearance in the event that you have trouble printing it. Print 2 copies of the clearance, one for your personal records and one for the Volunteer Coordinator.
  • PA State Police Criminal Record Check- Act 34 (free)
    • Go to https://epatch.pa.gov
    • Select “New Volunteer Record Check” and follow the prompts to complete the application
    • The security check is usually completed within a few minutes. Print 2 copies of the completed clearance form provided, one for your personal records and one for the Volunteer Coordinator.
  • FBI fingerprint-based Criminal Background Check
    • Only for those who have lived out of state within the past 10 years
    • Register at identogo.com/locations/pennsylvania .
    • Select Digital Fingerprinting.
    • The Service Code that is requested is 1KG6ZJ .
    • The fee can be paid using a credit or debit card. PTM may be able to partially or fully reimburse out-of-state and former out-of-state volunteers for this expense - please keep your receipt.
    • You may choose the most convenient site to go to be fingerprinted, the site list can be found at the above mentioned website.
    • A photo ID is required at the time of fingerprinting.
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