Please email volunteer@patrolley.org if you have any trouble accessing Volgistics below. Alternatively, you can visit Volgistics directly HERE.


To access the Volgistics timekeeping system, bookmark this page, or, visit VicNet – Home and bookmark BEFORE logging in for easy access!
-NOTE: VicNet has a new, more modern interface as of January 2022!
-If this is your first time accessing the system, click “Password Reset
-Type in your email address that you use for museum emails.
-Check your email for a message with a subject like “Volunteer Information Center password” and follow instructions in the email to set a password.
-You’re in!
-Click the “Time Sheet” tab along the top.
-Fill in the date of service, what you volunteered for, and for how long.
-Submit (“Post”) and confirm. You’re done!

More Info:

Logging your hours on VicNet (Volgistics’ name for the Volunteer Information Center Network) replaces filling out a paper timesheet. It also replaces filling out a job card. We are transitioning to logging our hours digitally so that we don’t need to spend weeks manually entering them into a database. If you use VicNet (PLEASE DO), you do NOT need to fill out a paper timesheet or a COVID timesheet.

We are not using the scheduling feature right now, so you don’t need to worry about that tab if you see it. You can see your volunteer history in the “My Service History” tab to see what has already been entered from 2020 through 2022 so far. On the home screen, you’ll see your “assignments” listed – these are mostly the things that you’ve volunteered for in the past, but it doesn’t limit you to ONLY volunteering for those activities. The home screen also shows you the cumulative hours collected for the museum since we started using the system.

One thing you’ll notice when submitting your hours is the options under “what volunteer assignment did you serve in?” may be more limited than previous job cards and codes or the online daily timesheet. Instead of using numbers, we’re using words. We’ve opted NOT to have an “Other” category, so please select what’s closest to your volunteer activity.  Here are some examples:

-Zoom meeting with instructors about upcoming operating season = Operations (not operating)
-Painting the play trolley = Restoration
-Acting as instructor for a new operator = Operator
-Researching or preparing a Trolleyology program = Outreach
-De-decorating the TDB = Special Events
-Strategic planning committee meeting, or board meeting = Meeting (non-departmental)
-Toy train layout = Special Events
-Hanging trolley wire to the APB = Power & Signal


-You didn’t receive an email to set a password: check with Kristen (volunteer@patrolley.org) to see what email we have on file for you.
-You bookmarked VicNet/Volgistics but next time you try to log hours, it doesn’t work: make sure you bookmark the sign-in page, not the PTM VicNet homepage. The page to bookmark is https://www.volgistics.com/vicnet/465206
-You aren’t sure what your volunteer service falls under: Take a look through the options and select what matches most closely. If you really aren’t sure, ask Kristen at volunteer@patrolley.org.
-The tabs across the top have disappeared: if you’re on a computer, maximize the window. If the window gets resized too small, it may think it’s in mobile mode, and then you’d access the time sheet by clicking the button with the 3 lines at the top left.

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