Field Trips


Ride into the past at the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum!

Come experience the exciting history of the Trolley Era through a field trip to the Trolley Museum!

Field Trips include:

  • 20 minute ride on an antique trolley
  • Interactive guided tour of our Trolley Display Building

The Pennsylvania Trolley Museum is uniquely positioned to give students vivid insight into one of the most transformative periods of American history. Our educational and enjoyable field trips align with Pennsylvania Core Standards and are suitable for students of all ages. We are able to integrate your specific goals and coordinate with your classroom unit.

Grade Levels: All

Program Length: 1.5 hours

We recommend about 1.5 hours for the field trip experience, but can be flexible based on the needs of your group. Please let us know about any time restrictions when booking. 

Availability: Field trips are available seven days a week, April through November. A minimum of 15 students/children is required to book a field trip.

Cost: Students/Children $7, Adults (Non-staff chaperones) $7, Up to 10 Educators/Staff are free with the group.

The Pennsylvania Trolley Museum encourages requests from schools and organizations serving individuals with special needs. The Museum Educator and staff can adapt the field trip to create customized experiences for students.

For more information or to book a field trip, contact Sarah Lerch, Museum Educator, at 724-228-9256 x302.


When you call to make a reservation, please have the following information ready:

  1. Number in group (students/children, non-staff chaperone/adults, educator/staff). Minimum of 15 students is required to book a field trip.
  2. Grade level or age
  3. Date and time you want to visit. Field trips can start as early as 10:00 AM and as late as 2:00 PM. Please have alternate dates and times in case your first choice is unavailable.
  4. Contact Name, phone, and email for group
  5. Mailing address of the school or organization
  6. Special needs of the group (time restrictions, use of wheelchair lift, group members with sound or motion sensitivity, etc.)

Stay tuned for the future! We are in the process of creating new interactive and hands-on programs while expanding our current offerings to provide comprehensive STEM based programs, all designed to better serve the needs of your students.