SEPTA 2723

The Philadelphia Transportation Company (PTC) had a large fleet of PCC streamliners, of which 2723 represents one of the post WWII models. Originally built for service on the busy 23-Germantown Avenue line, the car came equipped for 2-man operation. While two man crews were the norm during the heyday of the trolley (1900-1930), it was almost unheard of in 1947, but traffic on the route more than covered the extra operating cost.

Car 2723 sports the colors and appointments of the GOH fleet rebuild undertaken by SEPTA in the mid-1980s.

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In the mid-1970s SEPTA’s first round of rebuilds included this paint scheme, nicknamed “Gulf Oil” was applied unify the colors of the streetcar fleet.

Philadelphia car rebuilt and operating in San Francisco

Philadelphia car rebuilt and operating in San Francisco

2320 SEPTA-640w

Brookville rebuilt PCC car at SEPTA City Division Woodland Shop just after delivery.


Car Number 2723 Car Builder St. Louis Car Company
Year Built 1947 Type Single-end PCC
Length 46’8″ Width 8’5″
Height 10’3″ Weight 37,990 lbs. (19 tons)
Seats 45 Motors WH 1432K
Year Acquired 1995 Status Stored inoperable