Pittsburgh Railways Snow Sweeper M37

Franchises for streetcar lines usually always came with conditions, such as a requirement to keep the street clear for the width of the track, plus 18-24 inches on either side. Likewise, a company could not generate revenue if its tracks were blocked with snow, so the need for specialty cars such as the snow sweeper was established very early.
The brooms on either end would efficiently sweep snow off the track area, and allow immediate passage of the streetcar through the cleared stretch. There were some problems, however. Snow came off the brooms at very high speed, and often damaged things in its way – such as windows of adjacent houses and businesses! The cars themselves were lightweight, and frequently derailed in the process of sweeping. For all of this, the sweepers lasted into the late 20th Century – the operators couldn’t seem to do without them.

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Car Number M37 Car Builder McGuire Manufacturing Company
Year Built 1896 Type ST Sweeper
Length 24’2″ Seats 0
Motors WH 38A
Year Acquired 1967 Status Trolley Display Building Exhibit