Allison Shelter


The Allison Shelter was located at the Allison Stop, near today’s intersection of Race Track Road and Pike Street in Meadow Lands. The accompanying photo shows the shelter serving passengers boarding a 3800-series interurban car bound for Washington in the late 1930s. The Allison Shelter is a companion to the Richfol shelter at the Museum’s main passenger platform in front of the Founders’ Car House. Allison is and example of the shelters on the original Washington & Canonsburg portion of the line. These had different “window” arrangements from their counterparts on the northern end of the Washington line represented by Richfol.

The Allison Shelter was preserved by Albert and Delvin Miller founders of the Meadows harness racing track. These gentlemen preserved the shelter from their property in Meadow Lands and took it to their museum, Meadowcroft Village, in the 1970s. In 1994, Meadowcroft donated the structure to PTM and it was moved to the museum site. Volunteers rehabilitated it and placed it along the line. More recently it became the passenger shelter for visitors to the Trolley Display Building, and will one day be placed in the permanent display within our proposed visitor center.

Year Built

Circa 1903

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