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A day at the Pennsylvania Trolley Museums is a full sensory experience, from the ring of the bell to the hum and shake of the trolley as it rides down the tracks. Our Museum brings a unique experience to visitors of all generations, connecting us all to the past. From the moment they arrive, our visitors enter a world of timeless memories, historic innovations, and interactive discoveries.

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It's a New Trolley Era

Now Open!

We are now operating from our new Welcome and Education Center at 1 Electric Way, Washington, PA 15301. Visit us at our new address!

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Summer Scout Workshops

Check out our Girl Scout and Scouts BSA merit badge workshops! These workshops fulfill Scouting requirements, but are also open to non-Scouts of the appropriate age.

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Summer Camp 2024

Our STEAM Camps for ages 6 - 12 are designed to ignite the curiosity and creativity of young minds, blending history with hands-on STEAM activities. Sign up today!

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Trolleyology Zoom Series

Check out all of the recordings from our previous Trolleyology programs and sign up to join us for the next one. We host these virtual presentations regularly on a variety of transit topics.

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Now available in our store: A Meet at County Home Siding print by J. Craig Thorpe. 

This original artwork was produced by Mr. Thorpe exclusively for the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum. It depicts Pittsburgh Railways interurbans 1613 & 1711 passing each other as a Pennsylvania RR commuter heads toward Pittsburgh circa 1951.

Prints are limited, so purchase yours today by contacting Connie in our store!

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#BehindTheScenes: There’s lots of activity in our Restoration Shop this month! Right now, our members and volunteers are helping us restore the following streetcars:

🚋 Philadelphia Transportation Company 8042 - Progress on 8042 is slow but steady, with volunteers Louie Mariano and Bruce Wells recently working on new baseboards for the car. Bruce also began laying out the location of the heaters and conduits for the wiring.

🚋 PAT PCC 1713, the “Terrible Trolley” - 1713 was recently lowered to the shop floor so that volunteers could work on installing its new floor! Multiple people have assisted with measuring, cutting, and installing wood panels in the car during this past week.

🚋 Red Arrow Lines 73 - Like 8042, work on 73 is slow but steady. The roof and motors are the next major areas of focus for this restoration project. In the meantime, between Terrible Trolley work sessions, volunteers have done small wood refinishing for 73.

🚋 Pittsburgh Railways M1 - M1 technically isn’t in our restoration shop yet...but it will be! Earlier this year we began fundraising to support the restoration of the very first car ever purchased by our founders. It is estimated that the cost of restoration will be at least $210,000. Fortunately, long-time PTM member John Wilkins will match dollar-for-dollar donations up to $100,000! Please consider contributing to this project and helping us restore M1 the pay car - you can make a donation at our website (link’s in our bio!).

Thank you again to the members, volunteers, and supporters who help to further our mission of creating a living history experience that educates visitors about life during the Trolley Era. Thanks to you, we can continue to restore and maintain our beautiful fleet of streetcars! #history #restoration #museum #streetcar #trolley #preservation
This #WorldChocolateDay, check out our new @sarriscandies milk chocolate bars available in the museum store! 🍫😋

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📣Looking for some last-minute summer fun plans? There are still a few spots available in our new camp, Extreme STEAM Camp for children ages 9-12! Camp dates are July 15 - 19. 

Unleash your inner innovator and discover how science, history, and technology come together as we explore the past and plan for the future! Design and build electrifying inventions for a new “Smart Streetcar” using Makey Makey technology and then whip up a fresh batch of conductive playdough. Dive into computer programming with Sphero Robotics to drive through obstacle courses, then design and race robot-powered horsecars.

Register online by visiting our website!
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The Pennsylvania Trolley Museum provides unique, exciting, and fun educational opportunities for students, educators, and life-long learners! Our museum is dedicated to sharing stories, insight, and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) themed opportunities and experiences that will bring the trolley era to life. Check out our Education page to learn about field trip opportunities, Scout workshops, summer camps, and more!

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Take a ride into the past at the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum where the trolley era is alive and well. The Museum uses daily tours, interactive exhibits, multidimensional programming, and special events throughout the year to transport visitors back in time. Our history and STEAM exhibits tell the stories of the people, places, and things that made the trolley era such an exciting and unique time to be alive!

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The Pennsylvania Trolley Museum is focused on preserving and restoring our collection of antique streetcars. The Museum was founded in 1953 and has continued to conserve, preserve, and restore cars through a mostly volunteer effort. Today, we house a collection of 50 streetcars, many of which are operational and used for daily rides. Visit our Collection page to learn more about all of our different trolleys!

A Collection of Nearly 50 Cars and Counting

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