The steel has arrived and the new Welcome and Education Center is taking shape very quickly! Follow along here for photos of the progress!

About this time last year, we were thrilled to see Trolley Street take shape. The steel erectors arrived on site in early August 2022 and it’s been incredible to watch the building come out of the ground at such a rapid pace.

By the end of the second day, 18 of 27 columns were up and much of the connecting horizontal steel members had been installed.

Columns at the center of the building began going up Monday, August 8, along with roof rafter beams.

By Wednesday afternoon, August 10, about 60% of the skeletal structure was complete.

By Thursday morning, August 11, museum staff met to begin planning a topping off ceremony.

A view from the East on August 11 clearly shows the shape of the building. Very exciting!

On August 15, 2022, the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum held a beam signing and topping off ceremony to celebrate the completion of the structural steel construction. A video from the event can be found on the PTM YouTube channel.

Construction on the roof started soon after.