Washington County Courthouse Tours

Tours of the Washington County Courthouse, also known as “The People’s Palace,” are arranged through the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum.

All Tours Include:

  • A walking tour of the Courthouse
  • Early Washington County history
  • Interior and exterior architectural history talk
  • Details on the specific offices housed at the Courthouse
  • A visit to a courtroom (when available)

Additional Information:

  • Courthouse tours are free of charge and typically run 35 to 45 minutes.
  • Tours are available weekdays on a limited schedule and must be booked four weeks prior to the requested date. Please have a backup date in mind.
  • Tours are recommended for adults or students 3rd grade and older.
  • Group size is limited to 20. Groups over 20 should be prepared to divide upon arrival.
  • Street and garage parking are available nearby for a fee. No free parking is available at the Courthouse.
  • All visitors to the Courthouse are required to pass through a security checkpoint.

To schedule a tour, please contact Kristen Fredriksen, Manager of Public Programs and Outreach, at (724) 228-9256 x6012 or kfred@patrolley.org

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