The 2010’s

Acquisitions from the Trolleyville collection of the Lake Shore Electric Railway Museum in Cleveland arrived in 2009. Because of its beautifully restored condition, plans were quickly set in motion to re-gauge Pittsburgh 4145 from that collection and make it available for operation. This was done with a generous grant from a long-time Museum member. Since 2010, the shop has worked non-stop on projects that include activation of 4145 as well as Cincinnati 2227, another car from the Trolleyville collectionThis project was funded through private donations from members in the Cincinnati area. Currently, restoration of West Penn 832 (one of the Museum’s three original cars) is underway with funding from the Federal TEA-21 program.

An Artifact Preservation Building is currently being constructed to allow for all of the Museum’s streetcars to be stored inside along with spare parts and mobile equipment. Future plans for museum development include a visitor center at the east site that will house more displays and artifacts of the trolley era, the historical library and archives, and expanded museum store. A Business Manager and part-time Store Clerk are now also part of the paid staff. During 2012, more than 150 people contributed over 30,000 hours to operate the Museum, and 30,091 people visited the Museum from around the world (an 11.9% increase over the year before!).  The Museum has grown tremendously since its humble beginnings, due largely to the efforts of its volunteers, staff, and a tremendous level of support from the community!