Classroom Visits

*Classroom programs currently booked for the 2018 season. Stay tuned for the future! More classroom program options coming soon!

Take the Trolley to the Preschool Things That Go…Trolleys

Ding ding! The trolley is on its way – to YOUR classroom!

Invite PTM’s Museum Educator and staff into your classroom to present a participatory program designed to introduce students to trolleys as a means of transportation. Students will learn what a trolley is, what makes it go, and who rode them. While we can’t bring a full-size trolley to you, we can bring trolley parts, photos, and activities for a hands-on, interactive experience!

Things that Go…Trolleys will introduce students to the basics of trolleys through:

  • Critical thinking: Compare and contrast trolleys with other things that go and understand the importance of trolleys in transportation history.
  • Artifacts: View historic photographs and gently handle trolley parts.
  • Story time: Hear about trolley tales!
  • Role-playing. Learn about the roles of the Conductor and Motorman and practice picking up “passengers” on our make-believe trolley. Space is required for this activity.
  • Review: Reinforce trolley basics through coloring handouts.

Program length:  1 hour – 1 hour 30 minutes. Activities may be adjusted or substituted based on the needs of the students.

Ages: Program is best suited for children ages 4-6.

Classroom programs are offered April through November, Monday through Friday.

Cost is $50 within a 25 mile radius of the museum.

Our classroom visits are designed as a stand-alone introduction to the Trolley Era or as a precursor to a field trip to the museum. If you are interested in a classroom visit or field trip at the Trolley Museum, please contact Sarah Lerch, Museum Educator by phone at 724-228-9256 x302 or email at for availability and reservation details.

Stay tuned for the future! More classroom program options coming soon!