Shaker Heights Rapid Transit Company 94

The Cleveland suburb of Shaker Heights was unusual in that its developers included a rapid transit line as part of the original community design. Good transportation to the city, it was felt, would make the neighborhood all that more attractive to prospective land purchasers.
The premise has been highly successful, and although the town is no longer as elegant as it once was (what town is?), the transit system works splendidly. Ownership was assumed by the city in 1944, and twenty-five cars like 94 were purchased four years later to modernize the operation.
After nearly 30 years’ service, 94 and similar cars were replaced with new vehicles. Several of these Pullman-built PCC cars have been preserved by trolley museums. 94 is the only Pullman-built PCC car in the museum’s collection, and is one of the few non-Pennsylvania cars.

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Car Number 94 Car Builder Pullman Standard Company
Year Built 1948 Type SE PCC
Length 50’0″ Width 9’0″
Height 10’2″ Weight 43,100 lbs. (22 tons)
Seats 58 Motors GE 1220
Year Acquired 1987 Status Trolley Display Building Exhibit