Beaver Valley Traction Company 1

Beaver Valley Traction #1 was very successfully use to clean track 35 at the Trolley DIsplay Building during the 2015 regional museum volunteers winter get-together. Photo by Joel Salomon

Snow sweeper #1 was delivered to the Beaver Valley Traction Company, headquartered in New Brighton, Pennsylvania. Beaver Valley Traction and Pittsburgh Railways shared the same parent company. It was delivered at the same time as six similar cars purchased by Pittsburgh Railways for use in Pittsburgh. The car came to Pittsburgh after the Beaver Valley line closed down in the 1930s. It is the only piece of surviving equipment from that company.
The basic appearance of the snow sweeper did not change appreciably in the two decades separating the manufacture of M37 and this car.  But there were significant structural improvements to this later model, such as the steel frame that supports the body.

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Car Number Beaver Valley Traction 1 (PRCo M56) Car Builder McGuire-Cummings Manufacturing
Year Built 1918 Type ST Sweeper
Length 24’2″ Width 7’6″
Seats 0 Motors WH 306CD
Year Acquired 1972 Status Trolley Display Building Exhibit